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  1. I would be interested in results of studies comparing oral or topical progesterone supplementation to placebo for management of VMS.

  2. Good idea to use website. I like the relevant patient case example. Congratulations.

  3. i would be interested in comments on the benefits of vitamin therapy for VMS and mood changes associated with menopause which I have used effectively albeit anecdotally for many years, i enjoyed the article and found it honest, forthright and most helpful

  4. Susanne: The dictum, at least in North America, is that topical progesterone does not provide consistent, predictable and/or adequate levels to protect the endometrium when used together with estrogen. It’s use alone for the management of VMS is not recommended by any of the guideline-producing menopause societies, as far as I am aware. I have asked the library to do a literature search, and will share the results when available.

    Barbara: Thank-you.

    Judith: A review in the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database notes studies on several natural products, including black cohosh, St. John’s wort, evening primrose oil, wild yam, chasteberry, dong quai, ginseng, DHEA, among others. The only vitamin specifically noted is Vitamin E, which is listed has having insufficient evidence to recommend use. Given the high placebo response rate of many treatments for menopausal symptoms, if an OTC product is helping someone and being used at a safe dose, I wouldn’t stop it.

  5. Very well said about the treatments of this most confused condition yet a real challenging phase of most women. Thank you for your honest presentation. This will indeed change my concept of treatment.

  6. Given the discontinuation syndrome that many patients experience trying to get OFF SSRIs and SNRIs… and the increased sweating, weight gain & insomnia whilst ON them, I am always amazed that women are willing to try antidepressants for menopausal symptoms, but it does speak to the desperation some experience due to these symptoms. I have found clonidine more helpful in those who feel they truly need meds when other measures have failed. I am a psychiatrist and comfortable prescribing all antidepressants but not necessarily for this indication. I thought your discussion was excellent.

  7. For using SSRI to treat VMS how long patient can be kept on that?

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