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  1. I appreciate your approach in this article. Over the last year, I have had several patients come to me, having seen a naturopath who has diagnosed them with allergies through IgM testing. Can you comment on the validity of this diagnostic approach. Patient’s love showing me their “bar graphs”. I state that I test for immune mediated (IgE) allergies, but appreciate other avenues of investigation…..I just have no experience with them!

    Thanks in advance

  2. Appreciate the info

  3. This is a timely article. Thank you! While I do take a detailed history when patients come in with supposed allergy symptoms, I find very few are willing to accept it when I say that no further testing is needed. Maybe it is the influence of the internet, or just the belief that testing is proof that medicine is modern. I have discovered that these patients go to great lengths to get tested somewhere. Sometimes they go to clinics and get referred to an allergist, then I get the consult which confirms the absence of a.true allergy! Sadly, sometimes patients will go on to spend hundreds of dollars thru naturopathy for testing that isn’t even validated.

  4. This is a practical article I have printed out to be on my desk to read and
    use to refresh my knowledge any time when I encounter with my patient
    concerning food allergy.

  5. I appreciated this review of food allergies. I generally follow the suggested approach and it is was a good refresher. I will print the article as a reminder in the future

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