7 responses to “This app changed my practice: Mindshift App”

  1. thanks for this valuable tid bit

  2. I was introduced to this at the St. Paul’s conference last Fall. I have recommended it to a few young people, but hadn’t spent much time on it personally til today. It’s really quite a useful resource for many situations and people of all ages.
    The relaxation exercises are very good

  3. Good resource. Would suit younger clients mostly as they are more tech aware, but will try it on some older patients

    Wouldn’t it be great if all these wonderful medical Apps were listed somewhere, perhaps through the College or Medical Association, each with a brief review, rather than the chance encounter of a new App through an article, or seeing a colleague tapping away at something interesting on rounds?

  4. Thanks for calling attention to this wonderful app. One of my patients recently showed me the “booster buddy” app which I think was created through VIHA. It is great for younger kids as it has games and tasks and emojis. With each task completed, you get coins to buy clothes and accessories for your emoji. Some of the tasks include creating a safety plan (which is personalized and stays in your phone, so therefore always with you) or finding the phone numbers for crisis lines.

  5. It sounds exactly like what I need for my patients. Thank you for sharing that app.

  6. I have reviewed this app and agree that it may have some value in my practice. I will try using it with suitable patients.

  7. I did not know much the app.
    The practice of mindfulness with right thinking, right understanding
    is crucial to our daily living as our mind is wandering all over the place
    if giving a chance.

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