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  1. As an internal medicine specialist, I have provided such collegial service for the family doctors who refer to me, but without reimbursement, so I am glad to see some system emerging. Some other places also offer on-call hotlines that are government subsidized on a capitation basis rather than a “fee for service” basis. Given the evidence showing that CME at large conference venues may not be helpful in changing practice, this may also be a more effective method of increasing knowledge (as mentioned in the second case). I do wonder if a forum could be established that would regularly share such vignettes, since these types of questions are very common.

  2. Re: Case #1: Why would a family doctor need to consult an endocrinologist about this?

  3. It is always nice to be able to consult a specialist at any time and this provides information about an easy access. In both cases I think that I would have tried a few things before contacting the race clinic.

  4. Gotta agree with Laura C about case #1, but case #2 shows some of the utility of the hotline.

  5. I like this easy access to advice and hope to be able to use it. I think a forum as mentioned in the first response is a great idea. Regarding the case of hyperglycaemia, I have seen a FP send a similar case to ER. i think we all have our own comfort levels with specific cases, whatever the reason.

  6. I found the RACE hotline very helpful when I had a lab result on a patient with a dramatically elevated CK (around 1000), but everything else normal. He was on Lipitor same dose for many years. His CK was likely elevated d/t doing strenuous home renovations the few days prior. I was concerned if the elevated CK could harm his kidneys. The RACE specialist provided me advice (such as hold the Lipitor, encourage hydration and closely monitor CK and renal function) and we were able to manage his case as outpatient. Thanks RACE!

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