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  1. What a well written insightful helpful overview! Nice work! Clear explanations of previously obscure points such as diagnosis

  2. In your research have you come across any evidence based novel therapies not currently offered in mainstream treatments? Is there a research website for ASD treatments. I want to be sure, I am not missing anything.
    Thank you

  3. demystified the subject for me/I am still struck by the initial presentation of a child in my practice as a newborn as generally within normal variance in his milestones and then the depth of impairment by age 2 as he needed higher and higher levels of care. Demanding disease! to parents especially as well as us.

  4. I started doing obstetrics as a family doctor in the 60s, and since then the diagnosis of autism has exploded. Of course obstetrics also has changed, with the biggest change being the extensive use of ultrasound. Having observed the thalidomide tragedy, I have sought to search for any evaluation that could demonstrate such a link, and to date have not been reassured that my fears might have some justification, particularly now that high intensity ultrasounds are offered for intrauterine photos to share with family.

  5. Reply to Isabella Uzaraga : The information about therapies is changing frequently. I used the Up to Date article on therapies as they reviewed which therapies (traditional and complementary) have any evidence to support them. For example, the most recent publication was that music therapy did not show clear benefit. I also suspect that Autism Community Training has some similar information.

  6. The Association for Science in Autism Treatment website has evidence based treatments for autism

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