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  1. Already advise use of vaccine

  2. I have not found the same resistance with this vaccine and I believe that is due to it being oral.

  3. Curious – if there is no increased risk of intussusception, why does it say the following on BC Healthfile?

    Intussusception is a rare condition that can occur in about 1 in 2,000 children under 1 year of age. There is a very rare risk, about 1 to 2 cases in 100,000 infants, of intussusception in the week after the first dose of the vaccine. This could affect 1 to 2 babies every 2 years in B.C. Intussusception is a blockage of the intestine that can be treated in a hospital. Signs may include a swollen abdomen or tummy, frequent vomiting, and bloody stools. Your baby could seem weak and irritable and have several bouts of intense crying. If your baby is showing these signs, you should take your baby to the closest emergency department.

  4. I have been recommending and giving Rotateq for 2 years prior to the start of the universal program in BC. I have not encounter any adverse effects.

  5. already advise this vaccination.

  6. I have been offering this vaccine for a year or more prior to the govmnt funding the vaccine in 2012. The uptake for this vaccine was mostly by parents who had had experience with infant diarrhoea in the past and those who were travelling abroad.
    Now I have no issues with compliance – all infants receive rotarix at 2 and 4 months.
    I have not had any infants suffer from any sognificant adverse effects from the rotavirus vaccine

  7. I never suggest to parent yet about these vaccine, I wil.

  8. I currently reccomend the vaccine

  9. What is the role of the vaccine for adults?

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