10 responses to “Traveller’s diarrhea”

  1. Helpful update.

  2. I will likely change my practice. Thanks

  3. Use of Azithromycin for quinolone resistent diarrrea is new information for me.

  4. Good review for retired paediatrician!

  5. Good on all points. Thank you.
    Dukoral website suggests protection against cholera for 2 years, and only 3 months for ETEC diarrhea. The cost benefit consideration is important.

  6. I would definitely recommend Dukoral. I have not suffered from Montezuma’s revenge since I had the vaccine and one booster.

  7. I was unaware that Dukoral is helpful against ETEC and that one dose of azithromycin is an alternative, I assume 10 mg/kg for kids.. Cipro can interact with warfarin as well.

  8. I believe the max daily dose for Loperamide is 16 mg/day.

  9. I believe travellers to India should receive Typhoid vaccine even if trip is less than four weks

  10. good review with up-to-date perspective on usefulness of the various alternative that have evolved

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