12 responses to “The whole cell cholera and travellers’ diarrhea vaccine – Looking for evidence in the prevention of travellers’ diarrhea”

  1. This is a very practical and educational pearl for those of us who travel and those of us counselling our patients travelling abroad.

  2. Excellent article, it definitely helps one to navigate through the studies to make a decision on whether or not to recommend the TD vacvine. Dr. Hollenberg’s approach is very reasonable. I will discuss the TD vaccine as part of my overall “how to protect yourself from TD” strategy, including hand washing, being cognizant of he foods/beverages ingested, and considering probiotics.

  3. I did already but a lot of patients come too late that means 2 weeks before departure.
    Good article.


  4. Having had severe “TD” in the past I have used this vaccine on myself – so far so good

  5. Good data and evidence based medicine – helps validate advice given to patients.

  6. Cannot make definite broad conclusions from this article that describes very narrow criteria. I will continue to give advice on the basis of local destination history where attainable.

  7. Excellent article! I will readily discuss getting the vaccine for my higher risk populations.

  8. Good article.

  9. good article but not relevant to my practice.

  10. I have been taking Dukoral for more than 15 years, booster every one and half year. Touch-wood, I had not had any significant diarrhoea in all my extensive travels while many of my travel-mates had. This still should be in addition to the usual care: not to eat uncooked food, like salads and open cut fruits, or drinking water that had not been boiled or adequately filtered, as well as wiping plates, cups and cutlery with alcohol swabs.

  11. The cost of this vaccine sometimes prevents the traveller from buying it despite medical advice. I recommend it routinely to travellers going to the these destinations. A good article to remind us of common things being common !!

  12. Very interesting

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