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  1. thank you

  2. No surprise here! How many docs set a realistic example for their kids as far as physical activity is concerned? – relatively few would be my bet.

  3. A good point to look at how was individual inactivity before this study.

  4. It was clear, if not always easy, for parents to limit screen time, that is television, in the past. Today children use screen time for homework, social interaction and entertainment. Much more ubiquitous and much harder to control. Parents are also afraid to allow children to “play outside” without supervision as in the past. Kids watching TV, playing on the computer, or texting a friend are “safe”. We’re left with safe, over-protected, inactive, unfit kids.

  5. For us, the best way to get away from all the screens, both fixed and portable, is to get the family and friends, onto the bikes. Unfortunately we must drive to safe bike paths in our community which makes it somewhat of a hassle.

  6. no surprises. Need to move more and limit sedantary life style

  7. Having an obesity epidemic contributed to ,by physical inactivity, the recommendation to encourage activity is helpful.

  8. I totally concur with the recommendations outlined. I have, myself, started an exercise program, so this will make it easier for me to advise parents and children.

  9. I totally agree. we need to encourage more activity even for young adults as they continue to paly videogames as they were in their teens yrs.

  10. Nowadays, the physician uses only the thumb and index fingers in navigating their tablet, phone, EMR, computers. People no longer write or talk, everything is through a click or a touch! Kids “talk” to each other on their “texting” even if they are sitting next to each other.
    The modern technological advances are seriously reducing our physical activities. We do have to put a brake or restratint on these and need to assign time specifically for physical activities.

  11. Interesting as usual

  12. Surprised and enlightened

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